Coloring Pixels - V1.5


Patch Notes

New Features

  • Night Mode - New option available in the setting menu. When active, the game switches to a much darker theme making it easier to play at night.

  • Hint - New option available in the settings menu. When active a small effect will highlight the last 5 pixels on a level. This is designed to make it easier to locate the last few pixels in larger images. We will continue to improve this feature in future updates.

  • In-game Progress - You can now check the percentage complete for an image by holding tab when loaded.

  • New Cursor - A new pixelated mouse cursor has been added to the game.

Bug Fixes and Misc

  • Farm DLC Support - Added support for Friday’s DLC.

  • Color Cycling Adjustment - Cycling through the color palette (using Q and E) now moves the scroll bar to highlight the selected color. Previously you could cycle outside of the visible palette of colors resulting in gamers not knowing which color is selected.

  • Touch Control Bug Fix - Fixed a bug where (when using touch controls) switching colors would change the color of the last selected pixel.

  • Unfinished DLC Access Fix - Fixed a bug where some users could access some work in progress DLC.