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Coloring Pixels - V1.2

Patch Notes

It's time for an update! We have some new features, some bug fixes, and optimisations for you. Enjoy!

New Features

  • Keyboard controls - The most commonly requested feature is to add more keyboard controls. We have added the ability to select colors using the number keys on your keyboard. The system works in a similar way to a TV remote; you can select one number such as "3" and after a few seconds, the 3rd color will be selected. Alternatively, you can quickly select two numbers such as "4" and "2", which will immediately switch to the 42nd color. You can quickly select smaller numbers such as "3" by selecting "0" followed by "3". When you start selecting numbers, a small UI element will appear in the bottom right corner, this will let you know which buttons you have pressed as well as inform you if the number you have entered is valid. (Green = yes, red = no).

  • Restart button - Another common request is the ability to restart the progress of an image. We heard you and now you can. Click on the small bin icon in the bottom left to delete the save (don't worry you will be prompted with an "are you sure message" in case you hit it by accident).

  • Eraser - You can now use the new eraser tool to remove the color from a cell. Click on the eraser icon in the bottom left to begin erasing and select any color to return to normal.

  • Hidden images and titles on level select - A few members of the community requested the ability to hide the images and titles of incomplete levels on the book select screen. The idea being, that you won't know what the end image will be until you complete it. We created a new setting that does just this. We found this a surprisingly fun addition, as it makes completing levels much more satisfying. The setting will be off by default but we recommend you try it.

Bug fixes and optimisation

  • Smaller file size - We have optimised the game to make the size on disk much smaller. From approximately 400mb to 150mb.

  • Music optimisation - We have optimised the music further. Although still not perfect, there will be fewer lag spikes caused by loading music assets.

  • Color select scroll buttons bug - The buttons either side of the color palette would cause the scrollbar to judder when reaching the edge of the palette. This has been fixed.

  • 32-bit Windows support - We honestly thought we already had this, but we do now.

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