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hexceed: Inventa DLC Out Now + V1.8 Patch Notes!


The sixth addition to hexceed, bringing 110 exciting new levels! This world includes all previously introduced mechanics!

Can you find the answer?

Inventa is available now on Steam!

This Update comes with exciting new features!

Dark Mode!

Dark Mode is finally here! This has probably been the most requested feature by the community and has

been on our backlog since before launch. We are glad to finally have the time to work on it. The new setting is under the "Game" tab in the settings.

Hide Unused Hexes!

Another suggestion, this time from Discord.

This is something we wanted to try out before launch but unfortunately, we ran out of time. This new optional setting hides the numbers of hexes that aren't giving you any useful information.

It makes it much easier to see, at a glance, which hexes you need to look at for successful progress. Hopefully, you will now see that pesky red arrow on the other side of the level that you have been missing.

We have left the setting defaulted to off, but we recommend you give it a try, enjoy <3

hexceed v1.8 Patch Notes

New Features

  • New DLC "Inventa" - This new DLC world includes 110 new levels to solve! Split up into 5 individual islands, with this world you have many different places to start from!

  • New Setting "Dark Mode" - Default set to off. A feature highly requested from the community. When enabled it dims the game to make it easier to play in the dark!

  • New Setting "Hide Unused Hexes" - Default set to off. An accessibility feature suggested by the community. When enabled, hexes that are no longer useful to you have their numbers hidden. This makes it much easier to understand at a glance which hexes will help you progress!

  • New "Reverse Highlight" feature - You can now hold "Shift" to swap the highlighting mode from, showing hexes the selected tile knows about, to showing which hexes know about the selected tile. You can also use this feature on tiles you have not completed yet! This button can be rebound in the Controls tab in the Settings menu.

Bug Fixes and Misc

  • Fixed some Korean and Japanese translation errors.

  • Fixed a bug where dragging with the chord button would sometimes cause a graphical glitch.

  • Fixed a bug where getting a big hex incorrect would still allow you to continue playing while the fail animation is playing.

  • Slight performance improvements for Mac users.

  • On Mac, If you resize the game while it is in windowed mode, the game will automatically update its display resolution to the new values. This is to avoid making the game blurry when stretched.

Known Bugs

  • On Mac, if you use the shortcut for screenshot (Command + Shift + 4) the game will begin moving to the left. This is a known Unity bug Unity and unfortunately, the fix is not available for hexceed's current engine version. When this occurs, we suggest pressing the "A" button, this fixes the scrolling when it happens. When the fix becomes available to us we will update and fix the bug, until then you have our apologies. (>'o')>

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