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hexceed is Coming to the Nintendo Switch!

hexceed on the Nintendo Switch eShop

We are very excited to officially announce that our latest game, hexceed, is coming to the Nintendo Switch!

The eagle-eyed of you have already spotted the game on the eShop available for free pre-order. Available now, if you pre-order hexceed on your Switch, the game will start downloading as soon as it becomes available so you don't need to remember to go looking for it again!

Check out the eShop page here and pre-order for free with your "My Nintendo" account!

What is hexceed?

For those who are looking for a new free game to play on the Switch and haven't tried hexceed on PC yet, hexceed is our modern twist on a classic puzzle game! Logically progress through levels to uncover which spaces are safe and which spaces hide danger! Relax and be rewarded!

Numbers show you how many dangers lie around each hexagon! We removed the need for guesswork; every single tile has an answer! Use your own critical thinking combined with the revealed information to correctly place each and every click!

The base game offers 100's of free levels for you to enjoy and each DLC adds an additional 100+ levels, some even add brand new mechanics to twist things up!

Release Date

hexceed and the first DLC "Stella" will be available for download as of the 28th of October 2021! That's only 2 months away (>^.^)>

All DLC will be released on a monthly schedule, starting with "Stella" on 28th October, and followed by the other 11 DLC on the last Thursday of each month.

Make sure to pick up your free pre-order of hexceed to ensure your Nintendo Switch will begin the download of hexceed as soon as the game goes live! Don't forget to check out the Year 1 Season pass later to give you access to each DLC as soon as it becomes available!

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