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hexceed: Progressum DLC Out Now


The eighth addition to hexceed, bringing 155 exciting new levels! This world includes all previously introduced mechanics!

Do you have what it takes to progress?

Progressum is available now on Steam!

hexceed News!

An exciting next step for hexeed is that we are bringing hexceed to the Nintendo Switch!

Check out the eShop now to free pre-order the game for release!

hexceed v1.9.1 Patch Notes

New Features

  • Added new DLC world "Progressum"

  • Starting tiles now show the silhouette of a "play" button. This will hopefully address a readability issue where people can't spot starting tiles with the new hide completed tiles setting

Bug Fixes and Misc

  • On PC, you can maximize the game if you are using Windowed mode again.

  • Fixed a bug where sometimes the UI wouldn't load when you launch the game.

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