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hexceed Year 3!

Year 3 of hexceed

Due to your continued, ongoing support, we are bringing you yet another year of DLC for hexceed!

Similar to previous years of hexceed, you can pre-purchase all the DLC for Year 3 in this handy Year Pass! Save you time and money by picking them all up at once.

What is in the Year 3 Pass?

Just like Year 2, Year 3 is bringing you 6 new worlds and 2 new mechanics!

The DLC will be released on a 2 monthly basis starting this month and running up to December.

  • 1 - Aqua (Feb 2023)

  • 2 - Ignis (Apr 2023) + new mechanic

  • 3 - Terra (Jun 2023)

  • 4 - Ventus (Aug 2023) + new mechanic

  • 5 - Metallicum (Oct 2023)

  • 6 - Glacialis (Dec 2023)

We have listened to your feedback from the previous years of hexceed, due to your response, the mechanics we introduce will be simpler in design than the likes of the Portal and switching tiles from previous DLC.

The First DLC of Year 3 is out this Friday: Aqua!

The First DLC for the Year 3 Pass!

This DLC unlocks a brand new world for hexceed: Aqua

Puzzle your way through 220 new levels - levels include all mechanics from Years 1 and 2!

Available for the price of $0.99, £0.89, (or your regional equivalent). The pack will release on the 17th of February at 20:00 UTC/12:00 PDT.

Wishlist now or pre-purchase via the Year 3 Pass.

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