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V1.11 Patch Notes & Announcements

New Music!

One of the things that makes Coloring Pixels so relaxing is it's accompanying piano compilation that plays while you color. We have had several issues with the music since launch (most of which we have we have been able to fix), unfortunately we haven’t been able to fix everything. As some of you have noticed, what isn’t so relaxing is when the music pops, crackles, and pauses at its peaks. Unfortunately, this is due to the audio quality of the licence free music we have used in the game. We used this music at launch because at the time we didn’t have the resources to create anything better of our own.

Thanks to your support we have been able to invest in some new, originally composed music specifically for Coloring Pixels. We have had the luxury of being able to curate this music to ensure it is of a high standard and improved audio quality. We have had this revamp in the works for several month and we are excited to share it with you today.

Announcing: Technology Pack DLC

Announcing Coloring Pixel's 10th DLC: the Technology Pack. Containing 20 new levels: this pack is themed around technology, some ancient, some modern, and some that we can only dream of.

The Technology Pack will release Friday 12th April at 12:00 PDT/20:00BST/19:00 UTC for $1/£0.79 or your regional equivalent.

Announcing: Coloring Pixels Soundtrack

So we have new music for the game, music that we own and have the rights to. Why not offer it to you guys? This DLC contains approximately 60 minutes of relaxing piano music for your listening pleasure. If you want to support our work on Coloring Pixels or you just can't get the new music out of your head, check it out.

The Coloring Pixels Soundtrack will release Friday 12th April at 12:00 PDT/20:00BST/19:00 UTC for $8/£5.79 or your regional equivalent.

Celebrating the 10th Coloring Pixels DLC Pack

Today we are announcing the 10th DLC pack for Coloring Pixels! To celebrate, we have created a Steam bundle containing all of the DLC for the game. Some of you have been asking for easier ways to buy all the DLC in one go, (the rest of you can just enjoy the discount).

The Coloring Pixels Bundle will be available upon the launch of the Technology Pack DLC and the Coloring Pixels Soundtrack on Friday. It will contain all purchasable add-ons for Coloring Pixels with a 10% discount. We will continue to add to the bundle with future packs to come.

V1.11.0 Patch Notes

New Features

  • New Music!

    • The Coloring Pixels Soundtrack - The new music will play by default (12 x 5 min tracks played on shuffle)

    • New settings option: plays the classic 2 hour soundtrack instead of the new music.

    • New settings option: volume control.

  • Technology Pack Support

Bug Fixes and Misc

  • Fixed a bug where you could sometimes color pixels off screen.

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