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Who Shuffled My Shapes? is out now!

It's Release Day!

We are super excited to finally say Who Shuffled My Shapes? is out now and available for purchase!

Thank you to all of you for following along on our development journey. We welcome you to now join us in the next steps of playing our game and joining our community to share your experiences.

Keep watching on our Store page to see us hold an in-house Cube competition!

Let us know what you think

We welcome any and all feedback, so please, any improvements or changes you think would benefit the game, let us know either on Steam or in our Community Discord where we have chat rooms dedicated to Who Shufled My Shapes?

Community Scoreboard

As a bit of ongoing fun, we are going to hold a Discord Server competition where people who share the fastest times will hold an in-server title.

Here's one of my current fastest times!

Who Shuffled My Shapes? V1.0 Launch Patch Notes

To those of you who played the Demo during the Steam Next Fest - we offer you special thanks and are very grateful for your feedback!

Here is a list of all the changes made from the Demo feedback you provided!

New Features

  • Added new "Fast Shuffling" setting (default to off) - A commonly requested feature for those who want to get into the action a little bit faster. When enabled, the initial shuffling animation will run a lot faster.

  • Added new "Free Movement" setting (defaulted to off) - Some more advanced players of the demo requested completely free movement of each puzzle (instead of being constrained to angles when scrolling up and down). With this setting enabled, this constraint is no longer applied.

Bug Fixes and Misc

  • When you flip a puzzle over, whether or not it has been flipped is now remembered so it will be exactly the same as you return.

  • The stickers on the cubes have been readjusted to match the western standard color scheme.

  • Minor bug fixes to the display settings user experience.

  • Firework sound effects can no longer be heard in the Settings or Credits menus.

Stay Toastie - from all of us here at ToastieLabs,

Thank you for following our development and thank you for playing our game!

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