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About this Game

A modern twist on a classic puzzle game! Progress through hexes to uncover which spaces are safe and which spaces hide danger! Relax and be rewarded!

Numbers show you how many dangers lie around the hexagon!
Play with just your mouse! Each click reveals even more information for you to progress through the level!


Logical Answers

Every single tile has an answer! Use your own critical thinking combined with the revealed information to correctly place each and every click!

Watch out if you click in the wrong hex!

Try now for Free!

A free-to-play game with additional DLC! Install hexceed now to play!

Nintendo Switch!

Due to the success of hexceed and its subsequent DLC releases, we have brought hexceed to the Nintendo Switch!

A game that controls well with a touch screen as well as a controller - we are excited to see what you think about how our game translates from PC to Console!

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