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About Who Shuffled My Shapes?

Your shapes have been shuffled and it’s up to you to fix them! Get your puzzles back in order by twisting, turning, and spinning until all faces are flat and the same colour. 

Sounds simple but it’s not. With some of the simpler puzzles offering over 43 quintillion possible configurations (that’s 43,000,000,000,000,000,000), finding the single correct one will be a challenge!

20 Unique Puzzles!

A staggering 20 different puzzles for you to play with. With puzzle shapes ranging from classic cubes to pyramids, dodecahedrons, and even off-axis shapes; there is something exciting for uninitiated and expert puzzlers alike!

bm I do cubes good 15.gif
bm I do cubes good 13.gif

Check out the Store page!

Check out the screenshots and trailer here! You can purchase or add to your Wishlist!



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