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Wrap, weave, and wind your wool! Build works of art strand by strand, one loop at a time, in this tranquil game of craftsmanship. Draw inspiration from the large exhibition of levels available and unwind with the soothing soundtrack.

What Is It?

WooLoop is a game of creation. You build up great works of art by dragging your yarn in loops around various pins in your canvas. Slowly, one thread at a time, patterns will form, until eventually, you construct a beautifully woven masterpiece.

Play Free Today!

Available for free! Follow the steps below to add WooLoop to your Steam library and play today!

Content and DLC

WooLoop comes with over a staggering 100 levels! All are available to play for Free to help you relax and unwind.  This should provide you with approximately 20 hours of gameplay, and that's without even mentioning the New Game Plus additional content! 

New Game Plus a level once completed to play again with new rope colour customization unlocked, allowing you to change up the artwork how you want it!


Once you have completed all the levels WooLoop has to offer and are just itching for more, we have you covered! We have many DLCs available for you to purchase in various themes! Exch brings 21 brand-new images for you to wrap and unwind.


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