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Achievements and Trading Cards

Steam Is No Longer Learning About This Game

Last week, Steam released their “Steam is still learning about this game” restrictions from Coloring Pixels. This means that we can now add more than 100 Achievements, Trading Cards, and the game can be featured on your profiles.

More Achievements

Now that we can have more than 100 achievements, today we will be adding an additional 81, bringing the total to 176. Since Coloring Pixels launched, we have wanted to have an achievement per level and another achievement for completing all levels in a book. Due to the 100 achievement limit, we have only been able to add the one achievement for completing a book for the past few months.

Today’s extra Achievements will add an achievement for completing each individual level in the Farm, Halloween, Community, and Emoji books, as well as for the 100K image we added last week.

Trading Cards

We will be adding trading cards to Coloring Pixels as soon as possible. Unfortunately, since Coloring Pixels is a free to play game, cards won’t drop by traditional means. As with other free to play games on Steam, to make cards drop individually you will need to purchase $9 worth or DLC. Since there currently isn’t $9 worth of purchasable content, the only way you will be able to get trading cards is by random booster pack drops.

The cards, wallpapers, badges, and emoticons are currently being reviewed by Steam, we will let you know when we have more information.

V1.8.3 Patch Notes

To make it easier to unlock the additional 81 achievements, achievements will now pop from the main menu. This is instead of having to load each level individually. To bring your game back in sync with the additional achievements, you just need to click on each of the affected books (Farm, Halloween, Community, and Emoji).

Patch Notes

  • All Steam Achievements can now pop from the main menu.

  • Added support for additional Achievements.

Space Pack DLC

A quick reminder that the Space DLC will launch on 30th November at 20:00GMT, 13:00PST. Now that we can have more than 100, this DLC will come with 21 achievements.

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