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Announcing the Fantasy DLC for WooLoop

Fantasy Gallery DLC

Thank you all for supporting WooLoop in its first week of release, it means so much to us here at ToastieLabs.

If you are already finished with the free levels and are looking for more, we have you covered!

On the 4th Friday of every month this year we will be releasing a new Themed Gallery in the form of a DLC for you to download and play - the first of these is the Fantasy DLC!

This Fantasy themed Gallery unlocks 21 additional levels for WooLoop! All images depict the fantastical, the mystical and the magical!

Dragons, Elves, Magic and much more!

Available for the price of $0.99, £0.89, (or your regional equivalent). The pack will release on the 27th of January at 20:00 UTC/12:00 PDT.

For a chance to win this DLC for FREE, join our Discord and enter the competition!

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١ تعليق واحد

big fan of toastielabs. I feel like your games are made for me, love them all and enjoying WooLoop now!

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