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Aquatic DLC for WooLoop is Out Now!

Aquatic Gallery DLC

This Aquatic-themed gallery unlocks 21 additional levels for WooLoop! Explore the depths of our wonderful planet with this water-based gallery!

Mystical, wonderful and a little fantastical! Dive into this pack and see what you find!

Available for the price of $0.99, £0.89, (or your regional equivalent).

WooLoop Patch Notes V1.6.0

New Features

  • Added support for the Aquatic Gallery with 21 new images!

  • Added new Gallery Select Menu. Press the up arrow to bring up a list of all the currently available Galleries.

Bug Fixes and Misc

  • Fixed an issue where the DLC not owned popup wasn't localised.

  • Achievements have been localised into more languages (8/17) complete.

  • Lots of level corrections thanks to our community volunteer Ky:

    • Gallery 5

    • Night Sky: Fixed an incorrect ending to a thread

    • Bonus

      • Grumble: Removed unnecessary rope & improved route lengths

    • Transport

      • Helicopter: Fixed multiple rope overlapping instances

      • Chinook: Fixed multiple looping inefficiencies

      • Train Ticket: Fixed multiple cases of relooping

      • Airport: Fixed a relooping issue & removed an unnecessary pin

      • Tanker: Fixed a missing rope & multiple cases of relooping

    • Animals

      • Meme: Added missing rope

      • Red Panda: Fixed a relooping issue

      • Octopus: Fixed a step with an incorrect direction

      • Aussie: Fixed a relooping issue

      • Otters: Extended a rope to close an unintentional gap

      • Marcel: Fixed multiple relooping issues & added missing rope

    • Landscapes

      • Village: Improved pathing for multiple threads

      • Lighthouse: Added missing rope

      • Cityscape: Fixed a relooping issue

      • Beach: Fixed a relooping issue

    • Space

      • Saturn: Removed an unused pin

      • Laika: Removed an unused pin & adjusted some looping directions

      • Booster: Fixed multiple looping inefficiencies

    • Urban

      • Highways: Removed an unnecessary 1 step thread

      • LA River: Removed an unused pin & adjusted an inconsistent rope height

      • Tagging: Fixed a relooping issue

      • Underground: Fixed a relooping issue

      • Izakaya: Fixed a relooping issue

      • Traffic: Fixed a relooping issue & removed an unused pin

      • Venice: Fixed a relooping issue

    • Food

      • Fruit Bowl: Fixed a relooping issue

    • Industry

      • Combine: Removed an unused pin & fixed a relooping issue

    • Halloween

      • Angry Candle: Added missing rope & fixed illogical thread order

      • Graveyard: Added missing rope

    • Nature

      • Autumn: Fixed a layering issue

      • Duck Pond: Added missing rope

      • Seasons: Removed two unused pins

    • Skystead Ranch

      • Billboard: Added missing rope

      • Buttontail: Added missing rope

      • Animal Lover: Adjusted incorrectly positioned rope

    • Science

      • Safety First: Removed multiple unused pins

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