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Coloring Pixels - Announcement


Colouring Pixels is our newest creation. A relaxing colouring by numbers game for PC where you colour in pixel art.

It's perfect for if you are stressed out, just rage quit PUBG, or perhaps you just want something to do while watching netflix. Give it a try, it's free, quick to download, and easy to jump in and out of.


Yes it's free, and no adverts! We want as many people as possible to play Coloring Pixels, making the game free was a decision made with this goal in mind. 

Unfortunately, we need to eat, pay bills, and buy computer games so we we need to make money somehow. With that in mind Coloring Pixels has been designed with future DLC packs in mind. We will periodically release new books of levels for a reasonable price. Stay tuned for more info when they arrive.


For those of you who don't know, "coloring" is the American spelling of the word and "colouring" is the British.  It's the same word, same language, same meaning but unfortunately for us, different.

You might be asking "why has a British games company spelt their game the American way?". And so you should! We have two reasons why:

  1. The majority of purchases for our other games have been from America and other non UK countries. For searchability and less confusion for the majority of our audience, we chose to use the American spelling. 

  2. The Logo. We wanted to include a full spectrum of colour as part of the logo. Although it might be a comparably silly reason: there are 7 colours in the rainbow, 8 letters in the word "Coloring" and 9 in the word "colouring". We chose the option that closely matched the number of colours in the rainbow. 


Those of you who are lucky enough to have access to a PC touch screen may notice that we have implemented touch controls. We did this for good reason, and not just because the game is almost impossible to play with a laptop trackpad. We did this as a foundation of mobile development, as we are going to attempt to port Coloring Pixels over to mobile devices and tablets.

This is a first for the company so it will be a valuable learning experience. Mobile development is very different from what we are used to and we expect to overcome an array of challenges on our journey.

Wish us luck and keep an eye open for upcoming news about our progress.



We want to release additional free content after Coloring Pixel's launch, and we wanted to offer the community the opportunity to have an impact. For the first time, ToastieLabs are hosting a pixel art competition for anyone to take part! Winners of the competition will have their art featured in an upcoming free update.

More info can be found in a following blog post. 

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