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Coloring Pixels - Announcing Halloween 2 Pack!

Announcing the Halloween 2 Pack DLC!

Containing 20 new levels, that time of year again where we simply must celebrate the spookiest of seasonal events! That's right, the second Halloween pack is coming! Each image is the spooky, the scary, or the mysterious!

So if you are as excited about Halloween as we are, follow the link to add the DLC to your Wishlist!

The Halloween 2 Pack is coming October 16th, 19:00 UTC/12:00 PDT, for $1/£0.79 or your regional equivalent.

For the chance to win the Halloween 2 pack for FREE, make sure you join our Discord and take part in the competition!

Patch Notes V1.15.1

Bug Fixes and Misc

  • Fix for the high-speed scrolling bug.

  • Added support for the Halloween 2 Book.

  • Updated the intro splash screen to use the new ToastieLabs logo.

  • Reduced the number of graphics settings (in the Unity launch popup) to "VSync Off" and "VSync On". Although there were previously 5 settings, the only thing that changed between them was VSync. Hopefully, this small change helps improve clarity for the setting.

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