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Coloring Pixels - 2nd Anniversary Pixel Art Competition


To celebrate the 2 year anniversary of Coloring Pixels, we’re hosting another competition!

The 20 winners of this competition will have their pixel art featured in a free update to Coloring Pixels. It's very easy to enter; keep reading to find out all the information you need. When you're ready, click on the big SUBMIT HERE link at the bottom.

The deadline is the 16th October 2020 at 17:00 UTC, the winners will be announced on 23th October 2020 via a blog post on our website, Steam announcement, and via Twitter. Follow us on Twitter to stay informed:

Rules and Suggestions

We need to make sure that your pixel art is compatible for use in Coloring Pixels. To help improve your chances, we have come up with a few simple rules for you to follow and some suggestions to help you get started.

Rules (the dull bit):

  • You must submit an image of file type PNG. Sadly, PNG is the only image file format supported by Coloring Pixels. Other formats can easily be converted to PNG through most image editing software and online converters.

  • Image must have a maximum dimension of 300x300 pixels. As you will have noticed, the larger images in Coloring Pixels take exponentially more time to complete. Although we know a lot of you prefer larger images, we don't want levels taking weeks to complete.

  • Submission must have fewer than 100 different colors. The fewer colors, the better for Coloing Pixels; so try to keep to as few as possible. It is difficult to know how many different colours there are in an image, so if you accidentally submit more than 100 colors it will be alright (we will just need to pass your image through a filter). Some applications such as Aseprite let you create a color palette (which we recommend) which allows you to keep track of colors easily. If you choose an application such as we recommend sticking to the pencil tool over using paint brush tools as they can often create numerous different colors in an attempt to blend with the background.


  • Size doesn't matter! As long as you keep within the 300x300 image dimension limit you won't be penalised for submitting a smaller image. We will be judging submissions based on aesthetic and not complexity. For example, if you submit an image of size 10x20, it will be judged equally to one of size 150x200.

  • Which software should I use? We recommend using either Aseprite or (free). Both are very powerful pieces of software which are more than capable of creating pixel art for this competition. That being said, you can use whichever software you want, as long as you can draw and produce a PNG file it should be good enough.

  • I've gone brain dead... I need inspiration! We can't choose for you, but you can draw anything. If you can't think of anything new or inspiring, try drawing something you love (film, game, pet fish) or even something on your desk (lamp, a book, that murder weapon you need to get rid of).

  • Can I submit multiple times? Yes, don't hold back! Submit as many images as you like. We will judge each image anonymously and individually.

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