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Coloring Pixels on Mobile!

Coloring Pixels on Mobile!

Thanks to the incredible response from all of you since the game’s launch, we have been able to continue develop and expand Coloring Pixels beyond our wildest dreams. The newest adventure for us is to branch out onto new platforms. It has long been an ambition of ours to make a mobile version of the game, we have been working on it a long time and are proud to finally announce the release date.

Coloring Pixels Mobile is due for release IOS and Android on the 1st May. You can pre-register or preload now by following the following links.

How will this affect the Steam game?

Don’t worry, the mobile version will have no negative effect on the Steam release. We will continue to release new DLC and updates for the Steam version as usual. We are using the same base code for the mobile version as the Steam version, so if anything, we will be improving the main Steam game with new features that are a high priority for the mobile version, such as better touch support!

Will my save carry over from Steam?

Unfortunately not. Since the main game is on Steam, we use Steam’s Cloud sync to facilitate cross saving and backing up. With the mobile version, we don’t have access to the Steam’s resources so can’t link the two.

Mobile DLC Release Schedule and Pricing

To keep things new and interesting for mobile newcomers, we will be starting the DLC release schedule from scratch. Starting with the RPG pack on Monday 4th May, we will release a new pack every 4 weeks at 7PM UTC.

Unfortunately, we aren’t expecting the mobile version as much as a success as the Steam version. To reflect this, and the large amount of resources we have invested into the mobile platform, each pack will cost $1.99, £1.99, €2.29 or your regional equivalent. We hope you understand.

IPad and Tablet support

On launch the mobile version will not support IPad or Android tablets. It is something we would like to add, but will only pursue if the phone version is received well. Please let us know if this is something you would be interested in.

The mobile market is a tough one to break into, so wish us luck, download, and share with your friends :)

<3 you all, thanks for making this possible (>’o’)>

P.S. We will have more info on the next Steam DLC in the next few days, so keep an eye out.

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