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Coloring Pixels - Pixel Art Competition Winners!

The Competition

Thank you to all you talented people who entered the Coloring Pixels pixel art competition. To our surprise, we received 734 submissions in total! When we first decided to run this competition, we had no idea that it would be this well received.

The selection process

It took us a while but we did it! We looked at the images anonymously, starting by ruling out submissions that didn’t fit the requirements set by the competition brief: size, format, etc. We then ruled out any images that weren’t pixel art, submissions that wouldn’t be fun to complete, or that weren’t original (reverse image search is a thing). With just over 200 skilled submissions left we had a hard time making the final decision.

The winners

Congratulations to the following winners!

Playable next week

The above competition winners submissions will be added and playable for free in an update next Friday. They will appear in a book entitled “Community”. We are hoping that v1.7 will include another few surprises you might enjoy as well.

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