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Coloring Pixels Turns 3 Years Old!

Yet Another Year!

The 17th of August marks 3 whole years since the launch of Coloring Pixels! The continued support and growth of this community truly surpass anything we could have wished for and we really cannot thank all of you enough for sticking with us.

It has been such an important year for us here as ToastieLabs! Since the last anniversary, as a result of speeding up our release schedule, we have managed to add 12 additional DLC books to Coloring Pixels! From Marine Life to the most recent Landmarks 2 book! That's 240 new levels, not to mention a couple of additional free Bonus Book images!

We have no plans to stop supporting our community and aim to make another year of DLC, along with some requested feature updates from you, our community.

To celebrate this momentous milestone: We have added our largest free bonus image to Coloring Pixels, we are hosting the 4th annual pixel art competition, and ALL available ToastieLabs games and DLC on Steam will be 20% off all week long!

One Year as a Full-Time Games Studio

As we announced last year, the 1st September marks 1 whole year for both of us working at ToastieLabs full-time!

This was a very scary but exciting step for both of us to take. The growth of the team changing to 2 full-time employees meant we have been able to offer so much more than we could before!

Most of the Coloring Pixels DLC work was handed over to Lee from the get-go, which means we have been able to speed up our DLC release schedule from every 5 weeks to a new DLC every month. More importantly, is that it gives Rob the much-needed development time to work on new projects like our recently released puzzle game hexceed and a new project we are working on for release in early 2022!


A small mention on hexceed, we are very proud of how successful our release of hexeed was. We are very aware that most of the success of hexceed was down to you, the Coloring Pixels player base, who welcomed a new game released by us and gave hexceed a try.

So truly, from both of us here at ToastieLabs - Thank you! ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

In case you missed it:

For those of you who simply love Coloring Pixels and may not have seen hexceed; hexceed is our newest addition to our development library. A hexagon grid that is our modern take on the classic game, minesweeper!

We took the same feel we wanted from Coloring Pixels, relaxing and rewarding, and put it into a puzzle game!

What's new?

We took the time to learn how to localise a game with hexceed, the game is available in 16 different languages! (If you count Star Trek's Klingon as a playable language that is)

With localisation implemented into the game, we have been fortunate enough to start putting hexceed onto the Nintendo Switch! Something we hope to be able to do for Coloring Pixels in the future for all of you Nintendo fans!


Every Coloring Pixels Birthday is dedicated to you, our community.

We are very excited to have been able to add much more support and places for our community to interact with us over the past year.

  • Social Media - Twitter was already a good place to go for interaction between us and the community but it has been exciting to see the continued growth of our Twitter, thank you! Alongside Twitter, we have very recently created an official ToastieLabs Instagram to share a different look at our work, thanks to everyone who has checked it out already!

  • Reddit - Another recent addition is our subreddit! A new forum for all of our game news, memes and any other community updates! Thanks to our Redditor fans!

  • Discord - Our Community Discord server has been beyond belief. We have over 700 of you hanging out in our Discord and chatting with us and each other every single day! It really makes the work we put in worth it to get instant interaction with you, from your suggestions and feedback to the inside jokes and memes that you have created!

  • YouTube - We started a Dev Blog at the very start of the year, partially so you can have a behind-the-scenes look at ToastieLabs, but also so we can have a personal log of all of our progress - so much has happened it's easy to forget some things we have done! (>’o’)> The big surprise is how many of you enjoy watching us goofing around as well as how much Lee enjoys editing in bad jokes every week - over 1,300 Subscribers is way more than we ever expected - Thank you all!

(Keep an eye on our YouTube as we enter September as we plan on release a 1-Year at ToastieLabs video special!)

  • Patreon - A huge thank you to everyone on our Patreon, we set this up after months of requests from you offering to support us in more ways than just buying our games. We did not expect much from it but we are absolutely blown away by the support you give and cannot thank you all enough!

A special mention to our Patreons for their contribution to Coloring Pixels by voting on what DLC they want to see each month!

  • Merch - Last but not least, Merch! We added merch to this website, partially as a joke, partially due to community requests, but mostly because we wanted to buy our own branded merchandise. (>◡<) Thank you to everyone who now has ToastieLabs on their clothes or a hexceed/Coloring Pixels branded mug!

More to Come!

We have no intentions of stopping anytime soon! Keep your ears to the ground in our ever-growing selection of community channels to see what updates are coming to Coloring Pixels and hexceed along with news on our latest game project!

A Note for 20/21

I feel like we can't make a 2020-2021 post without mentioning the hardships that this year brought globally with the Covid-19 pandemic.

Here at ToastieLabs, we have been somewhat fortunate with the only effects being working from home for a short while and a couple of family members getting mildly infected.

We are aware that this won't have been the same story for a lot of you and we want to give you our heartfelt support. Thank you for sticking with us during this and we can only hope that our games have helped some of you during these times of isolation. <3

The Annual Pixel Art Competition

Continuing the tradition! The 4th annual Coloring Pixels art competition is here! For anyone who isn't aware, this competition is the chance for you to get your own pixel art into Coloring Pixels! The winners of our previous competitions have their art in the books Community 1, 2 & 3!

For more information on the competition and how to submit your art, follow this link:

Anniversary Sale!

All Coloring Pixels and hexceed DLC is 20% off for the whole week!

Don't miss out: SALE

New Birthday Level!

The celebrate the biggest year of ToastieLabs so far, we have added the largest free Bonus image yet!

Come and celebrate with us!

Patch Notes

Bug Fixes and Misc

  • Added a free new image "Birthday Cake 3" to the Bonus book

  • Re-Re-Re-added the “Your Art” button to the main menu but with a whole new look!:

  • Added some brief details about the pixel art competition.

  • Added links to more details and how to submit to the pixel art competition.

  • Made the Exit button smaller to make room for the submission button.

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