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Coloring Pixels v1.17.0 Patch Notes

New Book Selection!

We have updated the Book Selection part of the main menu! Until now it has had very little attention since its launch, and since then we have added many new DLC and features like new Game Plus. It's time for an update.

Free Books are now ordered to the top. This means that free Community books will appear before any DLC and the Bonus book, instead of in order of appearance. We are hoping that this will make it easier for new players of the game to understand what is free and what isn't.

Books are sorted into sections now! We have split the book selection up to make it easier to digest. Books you don't own are kept separate in a section at the bottom and books you have completed are kept separate from the books you have yet to finish. The order for these sections is as follows:

  • Featured DLC - This shows any upcoming DLC, newly released DLC (for 2 weeks after launch), or any seasonal books which are scheduled to appear throughout the year. For example, the Monsters and Halloween books will appear for two weeks prior to Halloween and the Advent books during December.

  • In Progress - This shows any books that you have access to that you have not yet completed.

  • Completed - This shows the books that you have completed all levels in.

  • New Game+ 1 - This shows the books you have completed to the first red new game plus mode.

  • New Game+ 2 - This shows the books you have completed to the second green new game plus level.

  • New Game+ 3 - This shows the books you have completed to the third blue new game plus level.

  • New Game+ 4 - This shows the books you have completed to the black new game plus level.

  • Not Owned - This shows you all of the DLC that you don't have installed. Please note that these DLC won't show up in any of the above sections (with the exception of featured), hopefully, this makes it much easier to identify the content that is available to you.

Finally, we have updated the "Hide Completed Books" setting. Previously this would remove all books that have been completed (regardless of new game plus level). Now it is a slider, which allows you to specify which level of completion you want to hide. So if you want, you can now hide New Game Plus Green and above only.

This new Book Selection will be enabled by default. If you don't like it, we have added a "Legacy Book Select" setting that will revert your main menu back to the chronological sorting method.

Free New Bonus Book Image!

It is pride month! Admittedly we are a bit late to the party this year but we would still like to share in the celebration and spread awareness of the movement. After all, everyone is awesome, and everyone should be treated as such!

In this update, we are adding a new free image to the Bonus book, inspired by the progress flag for all to enjoy!


In this update, we are adding a new setting "Grayscale Unselected Colors". As usual with our new features, it is completely optional. It is set to off by default but when enabled, only the color you currently have selected will show any color, leaving the rest of the image in grayscale. This has been highly requested by the community, so we hope you like it!

Coloring Pixels v1.17.0 Patch Notes

New Features

  • Added support for the 1-Bit Book DLC! - p.s The Store Page button for the book will not work until next week when the Store Page goes live!

  • New Main Menu Book Select! - As described above! Default On, but you can go back to the legacy view with the "Legacy Book Select" option in the settings menu.

  • Hide Completed Books Improvements! - Instead of being an On or Off setting, it is now a slider that allows you to control which New Game Plus level you want to start hiding at!

  • Color Picker! - A future requested by the community, you can now middle-click on a color you have painted to select it.

  • New Bonus Book Image! - The new level "Progress" is free for everyone. Enjoy!

  • More Control Over Dark Mode! - In addition to setting Dark Mode either On or Off, you can now specify to turn dark mode on for "UI Only" and "Pixels Only".

  • Grayscale Unselected Colors - Default to off. This new setting sets all unselected colors to grayscale, leaving the currently selected number to be normal. This makes it much easier to block out the colors that you have already completed, so you can stay focused!

Bug Fixes and Misc

  • The Settings Menu Button and the Exit button have been compressed to one line. This is to give more room for the book selection above.

  • Added a "Legacy Book Select" option in the Settings menu.

  • Updated Patreon list in the Credits Page.

  • Renamed "Night Mode" to "Dark Mode".

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