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Free Coloring Pixels DLC: r/Place 2023 Out Now

The rPlace 2023 Book is here for FREE!

We want to thank our community for coming together yet again and helping us create our ToastieLabs logo on the r/Place board multiple times over the event!

Similar to last year, we are thanking you all by providing you will a free DLC for you to enjoy!

This time, in order to commemorate your multiple achievements, we have added 4 images from throughout the r/place timeline showcasing our logo in various places at different times during the event - Followed by an additional 4 images from the final canvas each at a staggering 500x500 pixels!

The book is a Free DLC instead of a free update due to the mild mature content in the image. Check the store page for full details.

The Place 2023 Book is out now for FREE!

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