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hexceed: Cessabit DLC Out Now + V1.7 Patch Notes!


The fifth DLC for hexceed is here and brings with it 125 new levels! Each level in this DLC includes a brand new mechanic! Big Tiles!

This DLC includes tutorial levels for the new mechanic and how it interacts with other mechanics!

Cessabit is available now on Steam!

New Mechanic: Big Tiles!

The new mechanic is here!

Big Tiles are 2 or more hexagons merged into 1 Big Tile! These tiles act as a single hexagon and read the number of bombs immediately adjacent to the big tile! They come in multiple shapes and sizes to keep things interesting!

Don't get too comfortable! Some of the Big Tiles will also be Bombs!

As you progress through Cessabit, one by one, each of the previously introduced mechanics will be included in this world so you will need to learn how each mechanic you have already mastered interacts with Big Tiles!

hexceed V1.7 Patch Notes

New Features

  • Added the new "Cessabit" world! - 125 new levels, each with the new "Big Tile" mechanic!

  • Added a new "Big Tile" mechanic! - These new mechanics allow regular hexes to merge together to form bigger hexes. Big Tiles can act as either one big hex (which shows you the number of bombs around its perimeter) or one big bomb (where other tiles will count the tile as one bomb, regardless of size). Big Tiles can be made into all sorts of shapes and sizes, so be prepared for some new puzzle scenarios to solve!

  • Some more Localization Improvements! - Specifically for the languages: Simplified Chinese, Japanese and Korean. DLC names and the game's title are now translated to the appropriate alphabet, this includes making the hexceed logo update to translated version!

Bug Fixes and Misc

  • Fixed a bug where couldn't scroll to the bottom of the credits page. (Sorry Gary <3)

  • Fixed a bug where the countdown to the next DLC was out by an hour.

  • Fixed a typo "Contine" -> "Continue"

  • Fixed a Latin Translation error.

  • Fixed a bug where if you closed and re-opened a DLC that you don't have installed, you would be shown the default text of "Hey you should buy the DLC please, we have pets to feed". It's not wrong, just not what we intended.

  • Fixed a bug where changing language wouldn't update the text for the currently selected world.

  • Removed the hexceed logo from the intro splash screen.

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