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hexceed: Clavis DLC Out Now!


The fourth DLC for hexceed is here and brings with it 110 new levels! This DLC includes mechanics added in the previous DLC.

Clavis is available now on Steam!

hexceed v1.6 Patch Notes

New Features

  • Added new DLC world "Clavis" - It's that time again, here is the 4th monthly DLC for hexceed with 110 new levels!

  • New "Disable Timer" setting - (default to off) As request by a few of you in our ToastieLabs Discord server; his setting disables the timer that is used for the rotating tiles mechanic. with this enabled, tiles won't rotate every X seconds and the progress bar at the top of the screen won't be visible. You can still rotate the tiles using the Rotate keybind (default "R").

  • Added Latin, Klingon, and New Germanic translations - Some new languages translated by the community!

Bug Fixes and Misc

  • Updated the Patreon list on the Credits page! (>'o')>

  • Fixed a bug where the camera would double zoom if you double click on a level to load.

  • Fixed a bug where the end of level animation wouldn't play on the last level of a world.

  • Fixed a bug where Discord Rich Presence had stopped showing which world you were currently browsing/playing.

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