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hexceed - DLC and Year 1 Pass explained

We wanted our new game, hexceed, to be enjoyed by as many people as possible! For us, this means making our game available to everyone for free. Our hope is that lovers of the game will join the ToastieLabs family and help cultivate the amazing community that stemmed from our previous game Coloring Pixels!

As you will see in the free-to-play game; hexceed consists of 3 worlds full of puzzles, plus 1 tutorial world and 1 bonus world. We wanted to offer people about 20 hours of content for free, although I am sure some of you are much smarter at solving puzzles than we are.

We did something similar with Coloring Pixels, at launch we offered 3 free books and a bonus book that included some fun ToastieLabs themed levels. We soon found that people finished the free game and they still wanted more to color! So we began to release content packs, containing more levels every few weeks. To get a balance between keeping the game accessible and us afloat, we offer the DLCs at the lowest price Steam allows ($0.99USD / £0.79GBP).

So what exactly does that mean for hexceed?

hexceed is Free-to-Play, but we will be releasing monthly DLC packs. We are also trying out a Year 1 Pass, that will include the first 12 DLC!

(Full details below)

Monthly DLC Packs

Our plan is to provide a new DLC for hexceed every month. Each DLC will contain a new world, of similar size as one of the free three that are available at launch.

We are committing to a full year of DLC, that's 12 whole new packs for hexceed! Currently, they are scheduled to be released on the 4th Friday of every month.

What else?

In the base game, you will come across 5 different mechanics: Walls, Lines, Gates, Radius, and Cones.

We also plan to release 4 new mechanics over the 12 months of DLC providing interesting new ways to navigate those hexagons!

What's the cost?

Each hexceed DLC will cost, $0.99USD / £0.79GBP or your regional equivalent. This is the exact same price as Coloring Pixels DLC and the lowest Steam currently allows (without discounts). Similarly to Coloring Pixels, we want the content for the game to be as accessible as possible, while trying to stay in business.

Year 1 Pass

Now for the new bit!

Something our fans have consistently requested over the lifespan of Coloring Pixels is for a seasonal or yearly game pass. Anyone who knows they are going to buy all the DLC anyway can do so with one purchase instead of having to return to the store page every month.

We made the decision to offer a Year Pass for hexceed!

(If we are happy with its outcome we will look to adding one for Coloring Pixels)

Year 1 Pass Details

The Year 1 Pass will unlock every DLC for hexceed as it comes out for the first 12 months.

This means you can buy all 12 DLC in advance and play them as soon as they are available!

As well as being more convenient, the Year 1 Pass will save you 25% of the cost!

The price is $8.99USD / £6.19GBP or your regional equivalent.

Thank You!

We hope this helps explain our pricing and the reasons behind them! If you have any questions please comment below and we'll do our best to answer them!

Check out hexceed here.

Check out the Year 1 Pass here.

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