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hexceed in 2022!

The Future of hexceed!

In 2022 we are moving on to new projects such as new games and Nintendo Switch development, but we do not want to leave hexceed without support. As such we decided to see which direction you, the player, would like us to take hexceed.

Over the past couple of months, we have been running a strawpoll to get your input on where we should take hexceed next with a reduced allocation of development time.

Over 70% of you want to see more DLC. 57% of these voters want DLC to stay at the $1 price range.

Combining your input with our own allocation of development time we have decided to go ahead with a Year 2 Pass!

This Pass will be about half the size of Year 1, starting in March we are planning on adding 6 more DLC over the next 10 months with 2 new mechanics thrown in.

More details will be coming soon so keep an eye out here!


We love how much you have responded to the Halloween and Christmas events in hexceed.

And since it is the season of love, we have added a Valentines event that will run from February 10th to February 16th!

Make sure "Seasonal Effects" are turned on in the settings page to take part in the update!

So please tell us, will you be hexceed's Valentine? 🤎

Patch Notes v1.11.17

New Features

  • Valentines Event - Running from 10th - 16th February, this recurring event gives a new festive look to the game! Make sure you have the "Seasonal Effects" setting enabled so you don't miss it.

Bug Fixed and Misc

  • Updated Credits Menu.

  • Adjusted the world select buttons to be more compact.

  • Small internal changes in preparation for the Year 2 season pass.

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