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hexceed is Out on the Nintendo Switch Today!

Nintendo Switch Release Day!

We are very excited and proud to say that our game hexceed is finally available for you to download and play for free on your Nintendo Switch!

Check out hexceed on the eShop now to start playing on the go!

What is hexceed?

A modern twist on a classic puzzle game. Think minesweeper but with hexagons and a scattering of new interesting mechanics to help you discover where the dangerous tiles are hidden!

Play to uncover all the dangerous tiles without the need for any guesswork!

Each tile can be safely uncovered by intelligently combining the logic of the mechanics with your own puzzle-solving skills!

Relax and be rewarded with our game, new to the Nintendo Switch!

DLC and Pricing

The base game is free with a staggering 350+ levels for you to play.

Each month for the next year, we will release a new world for you to purchase - giving you 100+ extra levels and new mechanics to work with too!

The DLC worlds sell for $1/£0.89 each or you can buy all 12 with the Year 1 Pass for $9/£7.99 and get all DLC as soon as they are released!


Download hexceed now and get yourself immersed in puzzle solving for hours on end!

We welcome you to join our Community Discord to interact with other hexceed players who love to chat and help out when we get stuck on a puzzle!

Message us directly if you want to share any content or reviews about hexceed and we'll be happy to share it amongst our community!

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