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hexceed Progress Report!


It's been an exciting couple of months for us here at ToastieLabs as we developed our newest game from ideas and drawings to the very nearly complete version of the game we have today!

Development started not long after we moved into the office in September.

Alpha build was set for 30th October 2020 and we managed to get to that milestone with plenty of time to spare to add to the game polish!

Alpha to Beta was a bit more tricky. We set the Beta build date for 20th November 2020 and felt like we had all the time in the world. We didn't anticipate going back into national lockdown and having to transition to working from home for 4-5 weeks!

Our productivity was lower when working from home and it meant we had to push the Beta date back two weeks to the 4th December 2020.

Thankfully we planned some contingency and had the time to push back without knock-on effects!

After coming back to work in the office, Beta was reached on the new date and the build was sent to our Patreon supporters for playtesting. We want to thank our Patreons yet again for their amazing support!

And then here we are today. Gold release was dated for the 18th December 2020. We have pretty much done all we need for this! A little level designing is needed when we return to work in the New Year but otherwise, we are happy with the build!

Where to go next?

Game Keys have been handed out to various Twitch Streamers and YouTubers so keep an eye out for hexceed videos!

If you want to get involved in all our day-to-day hexceed news make sure you join our Discord and select the hexceed emoji in the #roles channel!

You can also head over to our YouTube where we post weekly Dev Blogs and you can see the development process!

Check out the Steam Store page and add it to your wishlist it helps us a lot!

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