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hexceed V1.2 Update

Thank you all for playing and providing us with continued feedback! From your feedback, we have put a few new features into V1.2 along with some quality of life improvements!

hexceed V1.2 Patch Notes

New Features

  • Continue where you left off - hexceed now remembers which world you had open last! So when you return to the game, it is easier to continue where you left off.

  • Middle-click to chord - As suggested by members of the hexceed community, a similar feature to the "Double-tap to chord" found in Microsoft Minesweeper. If you middle-click on a completed tile, with all of its dangerous hexes found, then all of its remaining hexes will be uncovered!

  • Keyboard panning controls - You can now use WASD/Arrow keys to pan around levels. We intend to introduce re-bindable keys for these controls in the near future.

  • Completed in one session award improvements - Following on from last week's v1.1 update, we have made improvements to the award for completing a world in one session. Previously this was only visible if you achieved it. This was because we knew there was a bug where it would not always trigger correctly and the implementation meant that you couldn't attempt to retry. Now it should function in a similar way to how the other 4 commendations function. We have fixed the bugs, made it permanently visible next to the other awards and if you click on the award you can see the levels you have completed in your current session.

Bug Fixes and Misc

  • The duration of the fail animation is now more consistent (max 5 seconds), it is no longer dependant on how much progress there is to remove.

  • Fixed a bug where being taken back past the point of a gate mechanic popping would cause the surrounding tiles to remain white.

  • Fixed an internal error to do with Discord Rich Presence integration.

  • If you have one of the alternative world commendation viewing modes enabled when entering a level, it will persist when you return to the world screen.

  • Fixed a bug where hardcore mode completion would occasionally not be recorded.

  • Fixed a bug where if you closed the game during a hardcore mode failure, you would continue to a point before the failure (keeping progress).

  • Slightly adjusted the highlight award art to make it more visible when trying to view the levels which you haven't used the highlighter on.

We hope you enjoy! And please keep your feedback coming either in the Steam Community Hub our in our Discord!

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