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hexceed v1.4

hexceed v1.4 Patch Notes

New Features

  • World Select Stars - For those of you who like getting the optional commendations after you complete a world! Now if you complete all 5 challenges on a world, the world select button will show a star, to signify that you have truly 100% completed the world.

  • Press "R" to rotate - You no longer need to wait for the timer to rotate for you! As requested by the community, we have added a keyboard shortcut that triggers the new rotating tiles mechanic. When pressed the tiles will rotate once, and the timer will be reset. You can rebind the key in the controls tab of the settings page.

  • New "Disable Chord Fail" Setting - (default off) In v1.3 we made the chord feature register a fail if you incorrectly pressed it on a hex. We made this decision because it became quickly apparent after adding the feature that it made the game much easier. Adding a failure state to the feature forces a player to think before using it. We have heard your feedback, and although the failure state will be the default, you can disable this with this new setting.

  • New "Skip Level Complete Animation" Setting - (default off) When this setting is enabled, whenever you complete a level you will be immediately taken out of the level, skipping the level complete timelapse.

  • New "Disable Click and Drag" Setting - (default off) For the speedrunners out there who click faster than the game can cope with! When enabled you won't be able to click and drag to navigate around a level, you will instead use the keyboard panning controls.

  • Added a new "Reset to Default" button to the controls tab of the Settings menu. This button will revert any keybind overrides that you have set to their default values.

  • New "Unrestricted Panning" Setting - (default off) A feature requested for accessibility. With this setting enabled, you can move around levels much further so you can keep the mouse cursor in the center of the screen.

Bug Fixes and Misc

  • Fixed a bug where the percentage complete on the loading screen would sometimes drop to a second line.

  • Minor adjustments to the settings menu text size and formatting, for more consistency across settings tabs.

  • Made the timer pause during loading, the level complete animation, and the fail animation. This is to address graphical issues to do with wall artefacts, and hexes being incorrectly left white.

  • Fixed a visual bug where pressing the clue button and then being taken back to before you clicked the clue, white tiles would remain.

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