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hexceed Year 2 is on the Nintendo Switch Today!

hexceed Year 2!

Thank you all so much for your support and for enjoying hexceed on the Nintendo Switch! To continue the fun, we have added all of Year 2 to the Nintendo Switch!

Check out hexceed on the eShop now* and head over to the DLC section to pick up Year 2!

*Time-zone dependent

What is in Year 2?

Year 2 brings 6 new DLC worlds and 2 brand-new mechanics to learn! The worlds will be released on the last Thursday of every other month starting today!

  • Incipiam: 23-Feb-2023

  • Insulam: 27-Apr-2023 - Includes the new "Zone Tile" Mechanic!

  • Cogitare: 29-Jun-2023

  • Novus: 31-Aug-2023 - Includes the new "Portal Wall" Mechanic!

  • Paenultima: 26-Oct-2023

  • Finis: 28-Dec-2023

Re-discover how to (h)exceed at these casual puzzles with Year 2 of hexceed!

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