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New Game Announcement: Who Shuffled My Shapes?

We are very excited to announce our latest project! Who Shuffled My Shapes?

Who Shuffled My Shapes?

For those of you who follow our Dev Blogs, you will know that this is a game we have been working on for a number of months now.

Based on our love for mind-teasing puzzle toys, we wanted to create a fun project to bring our enjoyment to the digital world - As such, "Who Shuffled My Shapes?" was born!

What is "Who Shuffled My Shapes?"(?)

Who Shuffled My Shapes? is a mega-pack of 20 famous puzzle cubes (and other 3D shapes) for you to solve to keep your mind sharp!

Various shapes have been shuffled and your goal is to un-shuffle them back to their original layout!

Each puzzle is unique, you will have to learn each's nuances to solve them.

Sounds simple but it’s not. With some of the simpler puzzles offering over 43 quintillion possible configurations (that’s 43,000,000,000,000,000,000), finding the single correct one will be a challenge! If you do complete a puzzle, reshuffle it and try to beat your best time!

The puzzles aren't all cubes. We have made 20 different puzzles for you to enjoy, from the classic 6 sided cuboids, 4 sided pyrmainx, all the way to 12 sided megaminx's, non-symmetrical mirror cubes and more!

Follow Our Progress!

Who Shuffled My Shapes? is still in its infancy. Make sure you check out our Weekly Dev Vlogs on YouTube as well as Wishlisting the game on Steam to be kept up to date with all of the progress we make!

Milestone updates will be available here on our Website and on our Social Media links above.

Release Date

We are looking to offer a Steam Demo during Summer 2022, an exact date will be announced closer to release. Wishlist on Steam now so you don't miss it!


A message to our Patreons, as promised in your tier offers, we will be releasing an early access build to our Toastie Heros a few weeks before release and a Beta Access build to our Toastie Members shortly after!

If you are not a Patreon and are interested in playing Who Shuffled My Shapes? early, take a moment to check out our Patreon tiers!

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