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New Game Announcement: WooLoop!

We are excited to finally announce our latest project! WooLoop


You may have seen snippets of WooLoop in our Dev Vlogs over the past year. A project Rob started in his spare time last Christmas!

A different take on our beloved game Coloring Pixels. The same relaxing and rewarding game feel but this time in a more creatively expressive manner!

What is WooLoop?

WooLoop is a game of creation. You build up great works of art by dragging your yarn in loops around various pins in your canvas. Slowly, one thread at a time, patterns will form, until eventually, you construct a beautifully woven masterpiece.

Wrap, weave, and wind your wool! Build works of art strand by strand, one loop at a time, in this tranquil game of craftsmanship. Draw inspiration from the large exhibition of levels available and unwind with the soothing soundtrack.

Follow Our Progress!

WooLoop is still a work in progress. Make sure you check out our Weekly Dev Vlogs on YouTube as well as Wishlisting the game on Steam to be kept up to date with all of the progress we make!

We are planning to hold weekly Developer Broadcasts on the Steam store page every Friday around 1 pm British Time so make sure you tune in for live interaction about the game!

Milestone updates will be available here on our Website and on our Social Media links above.

Release Date and pricing

We are preparing to offer a Steam Demo during the October Next Fest next month!

The full release of the game will be in early 2023, with exact dates to be confirmed

We are aiming to follow the same pricing model as Coloring Pixels and hexceed.

This means the base game will be Free-to-Play with additional DLC for extra levels.

The exact pricing and level counts are yet to be worked out so keep an eye on future updates to get the full details!


A message to our Patreons, as promised in your tier offers, we will be releasing early access build to our Toastie Heros a few weeks before release and a Beta Access build to our Toastie Members shortly after!

If you are not a Patreon and are interested in playing WooLoop early, take a moment to check out our Patreon tiers!

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