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Skystead Ranch: A New Game from ToastieLabs!

We are excited to officially announce our newest project! Skystead Ranch!

Skystead Ranch

You may have seen development and progress on Skystead Ranch already in our Dev Vlogs and news posts on our Socials. Our most ambitious game project to date that has been in development for over a year!

Our first title with a 3D environment, cute creatures, building, farming and more! A more substantial game whilst remaining calming and relaxing at its heart.

What is Skystead Ranch?

Skystead Ranch is a casual, relaxing ranching game set in the skies! Take to your very own Skystead, a big magical floating island amongst the clouds, where mysterious and wonderous creatures known as Skylets live. Learn their ways and make a home for you all!

Transform a desolate sky island into a vibrant sanctuary. Using your enchanted crook, cultivate your garden, befriend quirky creatures, build a home, and unlock secrets along the way. Each choice adds a personal touch to your unique Skystead Ranch!

Follow Our Progress!

Skystead Ranch is still a very much work in progress. All of the imagery and game footage you see is pre-release Demo so the end result may vary.

You can follow our week-to-week progress on our YouTube channel with weekly update Vlogs.

Make sure you Wishlist the game on Steam and follow the Community Hub to stay up-to-date with every bit of important news and monthly progress reports.

Finally, follow our socials and join our Community Discord server from the buttons at the top of this website to join the conversation with the devs throughout the development.

Demos and Press Conventions

We are preparing a Steam Demo to be playable during the October Steam Next Fest, which is only 2 months away!

The full release of the game is planned for early 2025, with exact dates to be confirmed.

Skystead Ranch will be playable at EGX London from the 12th-15th October with the chance to video call us during the event!

We will also be attending MCM Comic Con London from 27th-29th October in person! Come along to meet us in person and get exclusive giveaways related to Skystead Ranch!


We will also be hosting a crowdfunding campaign for you to get involved with the development of Skystead Ranch. Check back for details on our campaign soon and find out what exclusive rewards you can unlock by supporting the development process!

Wishlist Skystead Ranch now!

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