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Skystead Ranch is par of Steam Next Fest!

Skystead Ranch Demo

What is Skystead Ranch?

Transform a desolate sky island into a vibrant sanctuary. Using your enchanted crook, cultivate your garden, befriend quirky creatures, build a home, and unlock secrets along the way. Each choice adds a personal touch to your unique Skystead Ranch!

Skystead Ranch is a farming / adventure / RPG lite where you build farms, decorate islands and tame a wide variety of interesting creatures we call Skylet.

Play the demo now and let us know what you think!

The Demo

This demo is just a sneak peek of what's to come.

Think of it as a proof-of-concept; The 3 playable zones you can explore in the demo will be a small part of a larger floating world with the ability to travel between multiple, vast biomes! Each brings an exciting variety of new, unique Skylets for you to discover and tame.

If you like the thought of that and can see our vision in the Demo, make sure you Wishlist the game here on Steam and check out our Kickstarter below!


Now that you've had a taste of the demo - we need your help!

The Skystead Ranch Kickstarter is here and won't be around for long! Check it out and make a difference while you still can!

Check out all the tiers on offer and pick which one you like best.

If you can't help out directly but still want to help us make the game, even just sharing the Kickstarter page with a friend is a huge help!

Thank you for checking out our game demo and being amazing 💖

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