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Skystead Ranch: UI, Tutorials and Live on Kickstarter!


We are happy to finally announce that our crowdfunding campaign is now available to follow on Kickstarter! The campaign starts on October 3rd and runs for 30 days, so follow us now before you miss out!

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Ensure you follow the campaign to get notified the moment we go live so you can check out all of the exclusive backer rewards on offer!

Your support (even just sharing with your friends) will mean the world to us and allow us to work together to provide a bigger and better game for everyone. Thank you so much to all those who have already followed the campaign! <3

Game Progress

Since last time, we have worked hard on two main aspects of the game flow! The tutorial and overhaul of the placeholder UI we have been using until now.

Progress was sidetracked slightly by implementing a debug and camera mode to allow us to set up scenes and Skylet animations for the trailer that was released today!


We have begun work on a very important introduction to Skystead. We want to make sure the tutorial we offer is succinct enough that players can understand the early game flow without holding their hands too much.

An important part of this process we discovered, is ensuring the player is getting the needed feedback for when an instruction has been followed, which brought about the addition of these progress bars you can see below, either represented with percentages or number counts.

The tutorial is not fully completed yet so we will be continuing to share the progress over the coming weeks!


All of the UI we have shown so far on previous posts and on the Dev Vlogs have just been placeholder UI elements!

We have started with the creation of our own UI assets, allowing us to create the bespoke icons and tools we need to navigate the game whilst following the game brand and style.

The biggest part of the game UI will be the in-game book, or "Field Guide", whose purpose is for the player to discover and make notes on every Skylet they find. Our hope is to make the Field Guide feel like a dietetic book that the player will use to progress through the game, therefore over the coming weeks you will see the UI grow into a more recognisable book aesthetic.


We have also been hard at work on the game Trailer! Make sure you head back to the store page or go over to our YouTube channel to check out the Trailer for the game Demo!

This trailer is just for the game demo, an updated trailer will be released towards the final release of the game.

Check back in the coming weeks to stay up-to-date with everything Skystead Ranch!

Follow us on Kickstarter now!

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