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Skystead: Two Events Down, One To Go!

We're halfway through the Kickstarter Campaign but we aren't slowing down!

Game Progress

With the demo live, large changes and updates to the game build have slowed down in order to prevent accidentally adding new bugs while people play.

However! There have been a variety of smaller updates, these are mostly fixing small bugs that could be found in the demo, (like the ability to run up the cliff at one specific spot and get out of the map!) but one big update was added during one of our livestreams! Our programmer, Rob, live-streamed the addition of adding "Shiny" versions of the Skylets!

These shinies will get an official Skystead Ranch name in the future, but for the purpose of the demo, there is a 1/100 chance that a Skylet will spawn with a sparkling effect, and when tamed, have a different colour pallet altogether!

Let us know how many Shinies you have found!

Two Down - Next Fest and EGX

Both Next Fest and EGX finished this weekend and we are happy to say both events have been an absolute blast to take part in!

Next Fest

Next Fest allowed everyone to access Skystead Ranch from home and came with a couple of fun broadcasts - one of which, we managed to find 3 shinies in 1 playthrough! If you missed the live broadcast, you can get a recap here on our YouTube channel.


EGX was a totally new experience for us here at ToastieLabs. Our first ever live event where we got to showcase our game live at a convention and chat with hundreds of people who stopped by to play!

We attended EGX with a remote setup which meant we were covering the booth via a video call, this was great fun, even if we gave some people a jump scare when they realised we were live on camera. 😂

We were overwhelmed by the response of people visiting our booth, both machines were occupied constantly and even had a few queues form. If we had known we would have such a great response, we would have made the EGX demo shorter! Thank you to everyone who stopped by for both EGX and Next Fest and we look forward to what's next!

One to Go - MCM Comic Con

MCM Comic Con is the final event we have lined up, and this time we are attending in person! If you are going to Comic Con in London this month, make sure you look for our Skystead Ranch booth and stop by to say hi! We are giving away free goody bags and will be available to chat with you all weekend!

We still have a lot of preparations to finish for the convention, but we are working hard and are sure to be ready by next weekend!

Weekly Activities

We have continued our fun and games over on our website every day! Make sure you check out the webpage every day this month to take part in the fun we have planned!


As we hit the halfway mark today, we are so proud of our progress! We are so close to hitting 50% pledged and we know we can all come together to get the campaign to its goal!

Click me ^ it's not a Rick Roll, I promise...

Your support (even just sharing the link on your Socials) still means the world to us and will allow us to provide the best game we can for everyone. Thank you so much once again to all those who have already backed the campaign! <3

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