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Thank you Steam Next Fest!

Steam Next Fest

Thank you to everyone who has played our game Demo and backed our Kickstarter!

Next Fest has been a blast, with so many of you downloading the demo and wishlisting the game for when it releases! Thank you!


Both of our Steam Broadcasts were great fun! Our Game Designer, Lee, played through the demo on 2 separate days with thousands of you stopping by to watch. We even managed to find a couple of rare shiny versions of the Skylets!

If you missed the broadcasts and would like to see the devs playing Skystead Ranch, you can find an edited version of the stream on our YouTube channel.


We are running a Kickstarter campaign this month alongside the Next Fest, EGX and MCM Comic Con events we are attending to promote Skystead Ranch.

Thank you to everyone who has pledged to back the Kickstarter already! You are all amazing!

We are just getting to the 50% mark as we reach the halfway point of the campaign so we can't stop now!

Share the Kickstarter with your friends, consider pledging again or even buy an early Christmas Gift for someone in the form of a Kickstarter pledge and gift them the game and rewards tied to the tier you choose!

Thank you again from all of us here at ToastieLabs, your support means the world to us <3

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