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The Next Fest Free Demo for Who Shuffled My Shapes? is Live!

Who Shuffled My Shapes?

Our newest game project, Who Shuffled My Shapes?, is coming out early next month!

If you can't wait to get your hands on our shapes, we have a demo that is available to play for free right now! Head over to the store page to download and play.

Who Shuffled My Shapes? is a Rubik's cube-inspired game, our first step into creating puzzles in a 3D space. In order to make our game different to other digital cube games, we decided to go all-in and offer 20 different puzzles in 1 game!

Multiple shapes and sizes are all included in this release. The Pyramix, Megaminx, mirror cubes and more!

So jump in and start unshuffling these shapes - With or without the added pressure of a timer to see who is the quickest!

The Free Demo will allow you to play 5 of the 20 cubes, these are:

  • Basic 3x3 Cube

  • Pyraminx Duo

  • Redi Cube

  • Kilominx

  • Master Kilominx

Next Fest Important Dates and Times

The Steam Next Fest runs from now through to next Monday (13/06 to 20/06 - 10 am Pacific)

During this week hundreds of games will be sharing a demo available for you to play, this includes our game Who Shuffled My Shapes? so make sure you give it a try!

As well as playing the Demo we will be very active on Steam to allow you to get in touch with us easily and ask us any questions you may have regarding the game release.

In line with this, we will be live streaming with Steam Broadcasting twice this week for you to watch us play Who Shuffled My Shapes? and chat with us live!

We will be streaming on the following dates:

  • Tuesday the 14th at 2 pm BST (6 am PT)

  • Friday the 17th at 3 pm BST (7 am PT)

Make sure you tune in to chat with us live and see us play, you can join the Live Stream directly from the Who Shuffled My Shapes? store page!

If you miss us streaming live, don't worry, we are hosting re-streams throughout the week of our past live streams. We won't be available to chat during these streams but you can still watch us play!

Look out for the "Pre-Recorded Stream" message to see if you are watching a replay or a live stream.

Wishlist now!

Now you know all about Who Shuffled My Shapes? and are able to try it for yourself, make sure you head over to the store page and add it to your wishlist so you can be the first to download the game when it goes fully live on the 8th of July 2022!

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