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Transport DLC for WooLoop is Out Now!

Transport Gallery DLC

This Transport-themed gallery unlocks 21 additional levels for WooLoop! Motorised, traditional and modern!

Create imagery of the various fascinating ways to traverse the world!

Available for the price of $0.99, £0.89, (or your regional equivalent).

WooLoop V1.3.8 Patch Notes

New Features

  • New Setting "Disable Timelapse" (default off) - One for the speedrunners, when this setting is enabled, the end-of-level animation is greatly sped up.

  • New Setting "Show Personal Best" (default off) - When enabled, your personal best times are shown for each level on the Main Menu. Sadly, you will have to launch a level for it to pull the current time before it will become visible. This is because we have only been tracking the current completion time for each individual level, but now we track your personal best as well.

  • You can now cycle between selected ropes with Q + E.

  • Main Menu level pictures now show a hint of the level's background colour when complete.

  • The rope select palette now gets centred in the middle of the screen when there is no scrollbar.

Bug Fixes and Misc

  • Fixed a bug where you could keep wrapping between the last two instructions without it registering as incorrect.

  • Adjusted the colours available for New Game Plus customisation. The new colours should be more evenly distributed across the spectrum and New Game Plus 4 now has 12 additional colour options.

  • Some minor optimisation for more powerful machines, the game now won't use as much CPU.

  • UI instructions can't hide behind the rope palette anymore.

  • Level screenshots are now synced with Steam Cloud.

  • Added milliseconds to the timer.

  • The game should now attempt to save your level progress if it closes unexpectantly.

  • Fixed a bug where you could click on the palette when it was invisible.

  • When you have the Russian language selected, the ability to change the font is disabled. This is due to the current font options don't support Russian characters.

  • Fixed a bug where holding WASD made the game behave as if the right click was held.

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