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WooLoop Developer Progress Update: 14/04/2022

What we have done

Firstly we want to thank all of you who stopped by to watch us broadcast the early stages of WooLoop last Friday! <3

If you missed it and want to watch us play the game in its early stages, keep your eyes out this Friday for us to stream it live again!

Since the stream, Rob has made some considerable changes to the game.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed the Music slider in the Audio Settings

  • Added Keyboard controls for camera movement

  • Fixed Instruction Icons so they point in the correct direction all the time*

  • Correctly detect when you are touching the wrong pin*

New Additions

  • Added a Discord link button

  • Added an end of the level process

  • Added a "Full Disclosure" message for the Demo build

  • Added an optional Demo questionnaire to get game feedback

  • Added 9+ new levels!*

* These fixes are still in the QA process so we'll be looking out for them on Friday's live stream

What's coming next?

The biggest news we have this week is that the demo build has been approved by Steam and will be going live next week on the 22nd!

This is so we have the Demo live and ready for the Steam Next Fest that is beginning in October - feel free to download the from the store page when it comes out but please note the game is due multiple updates and changes in time for the Next Fest.

As well as this, we will continue to stream the game on Fridays and follow up each week with dev updates.

Thanks for stopping by and please let us know any feedback you may have once the demo is live! <3

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