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WooLoop is out now!

Play WooLoop Free Now!

The new much-awaited art game, WooLoop is here! Head over to Steam now to Download the game and start playing!

WooLoop is Free so you can add it to your Steam Library at no cost. With other 100 levels to play and unwind to, you can play for hours and hours.


Wrap, weave, and wind your wool! Build works of art strand by strand, one loop at a time, in this tranquil game of craftsmanship. Draw inspiration from the large exhibition of levels available and unwind with the soothing soundtrack.

A Note on Gallery 5

You will notice Gallery 5 is marked as "Coming Soon" - this is because we didn't manage to get every level finished and tested in time for today as we don't believe in the "Crunch culture" that is common in the games industry.

Do not worry though, the Gallery will become available over the next week or so! This means you will be kept supplied with new levels until the 1st DLC releases on the 27th!

The Fantasy DLC is coming at the end of January, check out the store page here:

Thank you so much for playing WooLoop! Make sure you let us know what you think by leaving a review on Steam and by joining our Discord to join the ongoing conversations we are having with our community! <3

Much Love From,

Everyone at ToastieLabs

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You should add Freeplay mode where you can add your own pins and make your own steps.

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