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WooLoop Major Update Patch Notes

First Week is a Success - Thank You!

WooLoop has been downloaded and played by so many of you! Your reception of the game has completely blown us away and we can't thank you enough! ❤

You have all played enough collectively for over 4 and a half years of playtime! For one week of gameplay that is staggering! Well done!

All of your feedback and comments are welcome, thank you to everyone who has helped identify improvements and suggestions for the game, a lot of which we have addressed in this patch.

Please keep your comments coming, either on Discord, Steam or even on our Website, so we can keep improving WooLoop to the best of our abilities.

A Note on Achievements

This patch brings Gallery 5, which was missing from the launch of the game. The Gallery has 21 images just like all the rest, however; Only the first 6 levels have achievements tied to them. The reason for this is that we have hit the limit of 100 achievements that are linked to new games.

Once we pass Steam's checks and become an official release on Steam, we will be updating the Achievement list to include the rest of Gallery 5 and beyond. Thank you for your understanding.

Next Weeks DLC

In case you missed it, we have the first DLC for WooLoop releasing next Friday! The Fantasy DLC adds a whole new Gallery to the game with 21 new images for you to Loop!

All images are in the Fantasy Genre so will cover things magical and wonderful from start to finish.

Available on the 27th of January for $0.99/£0.79 or your regional equivalent:

WooLoop V1.1.6?

New Features

  • Gallery 5! - We finished the levels for Gallery 5, so there are an additional 17 levels to play!

  • Dark Mode Improvements - Multiple changes to dark mode, to make the game much easier to play at night!

  • New "Always Show Rope Length" Setting (Default Off) - When enabled, the currently selected rope length and progress is visible in the top left of the screen. This is also viewable by pressing tab.

  • Main Menu Scrolling - The main menu gallery scroll position is remembered when you return from a level.

  • New "Disable Autopanning" Setting (Default Off) - When enabled, the automatic movement you get when completing a rope is disabled.

  • New "Autopanning Speed" Setting (Default 1x) - Adjusts the speed of the auto movement.

  • New "Disable Keyboard Cursor Movement" Setting (Default Off) - From this update panning with the keyboard will also move the mouse cursor. Enabling this setting disables the behaviour.

  • New "Large Cursor" Setting (Default Off) - When enabled, the cursor is swapped with a much larger and visible version.

  • New "Zoom Speed" Setting (Default 1x) - Alters the speed at which you can zoom in and out of a level.

  • New "Scroll Speed" Setting (Default 1x) - Alters the speed at scrolling with the mouse wheel affects UI.

Bug Fixes and Misc

  • Many Localisation Text improvements.

  • Main Menu Logo Localisation.

  • Multiple Level Fixes

    • World Map

      • Fixed rope instructions around Hungary.

      • Adjusted pins around Greenland to ensure instructions are correct.

      • Removed Taiwan. We have received lots of anger and negative reviews regarding Taiwan being represented as a separate country from China. We didn't intend to take a political stance on this issue for one side or the other, it certainly isn't our place. We apologize for any offence we may have caused, and hope that we can put this behind us. Removing the island of Taiwan completely allows us to not be forced to take a side.

    • hexceed

      • Added routes for two more hexagons at the top of the level to make the image symmetrical.

    • Plane Blueprints

      • Removed unused pins.

    • Leaves

      • Adjusted the image's borders so that pins aren't clipping the frame.

      • Added a route to use the unused pin.

    • Classic Car

      • Removed unused pins.

    • Instant Photo

      • Removed unused pins.

    • Spike

      • Adjusted the rope height on his claws so to avoid clipping.

    • Diamond

      • Fixed an inconsistency in the pattern

  • Fixed a bug where the percentage complete was rounding up and not down for level and gallery completion.

  • Fixed a bug where the game wouldn't launch on Linux

  • Major performance improvements for the main menu (specifically loading the level screenshots)

  • Unselecting rope mid-route now sets the mouse cursor position to the end of the rope instead of the middle of the screen. (Sadly this only works on PC full-screen or borderless fullscreen modes)

  • Panning with the keyboard now pauses auto panning in a similar way to right-clicking does.

  • Fixed a bug where Gallery Select buttons wouldn't correctly represent a player's new game plus progress.

  • When starting a rope, the string now only sticks to the starting instruction. This should make it easier to get started with a route.

  • The scroll bar you see in the level now uses the correct art assets.

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