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About ToastieLabs

A start-up, independent games development studio proudly based in Gateshead UK.

Check out our games, Coloring Pixels and hexceed are available on both Steam (PC) and the Nintendo Switch!

Full game catalogue below.*

Make sure to keep an eye on us, we might be just a small team, but we have big plans!

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Skystead Ranch

PC / Switch

Transform a desolate sky island into a vibrant sanctuary. Each choice adds a personal touch to your Skystead Ranch!

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Coloring Pixels

PC | Switch | iOS | Android

Our flagship game, a color-by-numbers phenomenon.

Main Capsule.png



Relax and unwind as you wind yarn around pins to make magnificent works of art!

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Who Shuffled My Shapes?


20 puzzle cubes! See how quickly you can unshuffle these shapes.

hexceed Logo V1.png


PC | Switch

Our own exciting take on a classic puzzle game.

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A color and sound-based rhythm game. go fast, avoid obstacles, and score big!

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