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Kickstarter Success!

To go alongside our Kickstarter campaign for our game Skystead Ranch, we hosted a variety of games and events! Here is the archive of some of the non-time-sensitive activities!

Activity Archive

Don't have the time to indulge in our fun and games today? Don't worry!

All daily events will be archived below for you to enjoy at your leisure!

10.4 - Word Search.png

01/11 - Word Search

The Final Word Search

Play here

Cover Image EGX MCM.png

31/10 - MCM Best Bits

A video of the best bits from our trip to MCM!

Watch here

Screenshot 2023-10-31 135124.png

30/10 - Dot-to-Dot

A hint at a future Skylet with this dot-to-dot!

Play here

28.10 - Riddle.png

28/10 - Riddle

Can you work out this Skystead Riddle?

Play here

Screenshot 2023-10-09 162126.png

26/10 - Jigsaw

Another relaxing puzzle to celebrate Skystead Ranch

Play here

Screenshot 2023-10-12 113300.png

25/10 - Wordle

What could this Skystead-related word be? 🤔

Play here

10.22 - Colour by Numbers.png

22/10 - Colour by Numbers

Relax with a casual weekend game!

Play here


20/10 - Jigsaw

A new digital jigsaw!

Play here

Screenshot 2023-10-12 113300.png

01/11 - Wordle

Can you work out the last Wordle?

Play here

31.10 - Jigword.png

31/10 - Jigword

Can you fit all the Skystead Words in this puzzle?

Play here

29.30 - SpotTheDiff.png

29/10 - Spot the Difference

11 differences to find! (Not incuding the changes from the camera movement)

Play here

Cover Image EGX MCM.png

27/10 - MCM Timelapse

Watch a timelapse of the team setting up for MCM

Watch here

Main Capsule.png

26/10 - Digital Wallpapers

Download these free wallpapers and show off your love for Skystead Ranch

Download here


23/10 - Dot to Dot

Play this relaxing puzzle and try to get the faster time on the leaderboard!

Play here


21/10 - Codeword

Using Skystead words, work out which letter is assigned to which number.

Play here


19/10 - Infographics

Graphs and stats on ToastieLabs and Skystead Ranch!

View here

MCM Bags Action Shot.jpg

01/11 - October Best Bits

A video covering all the highlights of October 23!

Watch here


30/10 - Jigsaw

A MCM Themed jigsaw!

Play here

29.10 - Shelly Spiral.png

29/10 - Shelly Spiral

Can you solve this tricky spiral word puzzle?

Play Here

Screenshot 2023-10-09 162126.png

27/10 - Toastie Travel Video

Watch the toasties travel to London for MCM

Watch here

10.4 - Word Search.png

25/10 - Word Search

Easier than previous weeks, give this Skystead-themed word search a try!

Play here

Screenshot 2023-10-18 112402.png

22/10 - 5 Tips and Tricks Video

Find out how to be the best Skystead Rancher you can possibly be!

Watch here

10.21 - Cog_Puzzle.png

21/10 - Cog Puzzle

Follow the rotation of the cogs to work out if the anchor goes up ro down

Play here

10.19 - Criss Cross.png

19/10 - Criss Cross Puzzle

Can you fit all the words into the grid?

Play here

10.4 - Word Search.png

18/10 - Word Search

A word search even harder than before!

Play here

Screenshot 2023-10-17 111304.png

16/10 - Dot-to-Dot

Another dot-to-dot with another heated scoreboard!

Play here

Screenshot 2023-10-12 113300.png

18/10 - Wordle

A  new Wordle puzzle! Share you score with us.

Watch here


15/10 - The Devs Play Video

A video of Lee showing off the demo and discovering a few shiny skylets!

Watch here

Screenshot 2023-10-10 134754.png

17/10 - Quiz!

A second quiz! What will you score?

Play here


15/10 - Spot the Difference

Can you spot all 10 differences?

Play here

Cover Image EGX MCM.png

14/10 - Goody Bag Video

A video showing off the Goody bags available at MCM!

Watch here

10.14 Colour by Numbers.png

14/10 - Colour by Numbers

A relaxing colouring image to start your weekend

Play here

Build BP trimmed.png

13/10 - Digital Jigsaw

A second jigsaw! How quick can you complete this one?

Play here


13/10 - Introducing Video

A video to introduce the most hungry of Skylets - Grumble

Watch here

10.12 - ARG.png

12/10 - ARG

A long trail of clues!

Can you work it out?


10.4 - Word Search.png

11/10 - Word Search

We tried to make the second word search easier than the first...we failed.

Play here

Screenshot 2023-10-12 113300.png

11/10 - Wordle

A trick Wordle for you

to try!

Play here

10.10 Boggle.png

10/10 - Boggle

A Fun twist on a classic word search - connect the letters in any direction to find the words!.

Play here

Screenshot 2023-10-10 134754.png

09/10 - Quiz

We have posted a Skystead Ranch and ToastieLabs-themed Quiz.

Try here


09/10 - Minecraft Server

Download the Minecraft World we played on as a Community!

Download here

Screenshot 2023-10-09 162126.png

08/10 - 1h Ambient Music

It's more relaxing than Lofi, but it's still a great watch/listen!

Watch here

10.8 - Papercraft.png

08/10 - Papercraft

If you have a printer, grab some scissors and give this little crafty activity a go!

Download here

10.7 - Crossword.png

07/10 - Crossword

Test your general knowledge

of Skystead Ranch!

Play here


07/10 - Dot-to-dot

The leader board is causing

a lot of competition!

Play here


06/10 - Jigsaw

It's not a competiton but

people have been sharing

their times in Discord!

Play here

10.5 - Colour by numbers.png

05/10 - Colour-by-Numbers

Enjoy this casual piece of colour-by-numbers!

p.s. you can change the colours if you like!

Try here

10.4 - Word Search.png

04/10 - Word Search

A lot more difficult that we intended but still fun!

Play here

Steam icon.png

02/10 - The Game Demo

Thank you for playing the demo! If you missed it, you can still wishlist the game!

Click here


Thank you for an incredible campaign!

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