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Coloring Pixels - 2 Year Birthday!

Another Year!

Monday 17th August marks the second year anniversary of Coloring Pixel’s launch! The kind comments and support for the game you have continued to give is incredibly heart warming, we are overwhelmingly grateful.

It has been a good year, we now have over 500 levels (with many more to come) and Coloring Pixels is available on Android and iOS. Somehow over 200,000 of you have downloaded the game, and with an average play time of 24 hours… that’s a lot of pixels colored!

We are just getting started! Rest assured that we have plans for at least another year of DLC content, as well as some content updates. We have some big plans for the future, but for now let’s take a moment to celebrate: we have added new birthday image; we’re hosting the 3rd annual pixel art competition; and all DLC will be 20% off for the week!

We are Going Full Time And Getting An Office!

We have some big news (don’t worry it’s good news) we are moving from part time to full time games development!

This might seem like some odd news, but we are a VERY small development team. The core team consists primarily of myself (Rob) with a lot of support from my long term girlfriend Kim. For the last two years, I have been doing my best to manage content updates and new DLC packs for Coloring Pixels while also working a full time job. It has always been a dream of mine to do ToastieLabs work full time, and thanks to the continued support of all of you reading this, it is becoming a reality.

Myself and an old friend Lee, have both resigned from our current jobs and will start to work full time at the new ToastieLabs Office “Toastie HQ” on the 1st September! This is incredibly exciting for the both of us; we are both going to be working our dream jobs, we will have an office to call our own, and we will have much more time to be able to dedicate to the community, the development of Coloring Pixels, and hopefully new projects!

I can’t stress enough that all of you wonderful people who have supported us the last two years are making this possible. You are truly amazing! Thank you (>’o’)>

So keep your eyes peeled in September for more updates! We are hoping to start a Discord server, but other than that we are open to suggestions. Do you want to see dev logs, more games from us, or just want some more love and attention to Coloring Pixels? Let us know, and in September we will see what we can do <3

Pixel Art Competition!

It’s starting to be a tradition for us, it’s time for the third Coloring Pixels art competition! For those of you that don’t know, this is the chance to get your art into the game! We ran one shortly after launch and another last year for our 1st birthday, with the top 20 submissions being selected to form the free ”Community 1” and “Community 2” books!

For more information on the competition and how to submit your art, click on the following link:

Anniversary Sale!

We have put all of the Coloring Pixels DLCs on 20% off sale for the week!

Check them out here:

New 2nd Birthday Level!

With today’s update we have added a new cake level to the bonus book! Celebrate with us!

V1.14.7 Patch Notes!

Bug fixes and misc

  • Added new birthday cake image to the bonus book.

  • Re-Re-added the “Your Art” button to the main menu:

    • Added some brief details about the pixel art competition .

    • Added links to more details and how to submit to the pixel art competition.

    • Made the settings button smaller to make room for the submission button.

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