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Announcing the Time Travel DLC & V1.16.7 Patch Notes

Announcing the Time Travel Book DLC

This Time Travel book unlocks 20 additional levels for Coloring Pixels!

Travel through the ages in this Coloring Pixels addition with images from 20 different eras in time! Ranging from the Prehistoric into the yet uncharted future!

Available for the price of $1.00, £0.79, (or your regional equivalent). The pack will release on the 12th February at 20:00 UTC/12:00 PST.

For the chance to win the Time Travel book for FREE, make sure you join our Discord and take part in the competition!

Changes to Coloring Pixels DLC Process and Calendar

We are currently trialling a new process for Coloring Pixels DLC! Previously our DLC has been released on a rough 5-week schedule, meaning a new Book for Coloring Pixels every 5 weeks.

With our new process, we are changing to publishing a new book on the second Friday of every month! That means we are moving from ~10 DLC's in a calendar year to 12!

Our new process also includes you guys! Head over to our Discord (link above and in-game) to cast your votes on the book ideas we have lined up as well as suggest new ones!

The top voted in our Discord gets moved over to our Patreon where our Patreon supporters get the final vote on what book to do next!

Please note, we are only trialling this process to see if it works well as we are excited to involve our community!

V1.16.7 Patch Notes

Bug Fixes and Misc

  • Added a Discord button to the settings menu!

  • Fixed a bug where the Advent 1, and Advent 2 books wouldn't complete.

  • Added support for the Time Travel book.

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