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Coloring Pixels: Collection 1 is available on the Nintendo Switch eShop now!

It's here!

We are very excited to announce that Coloring Pixels has finally come to the Nintendo Switch and is available to play right now!

A highly anticipated, and highly requested, update to the Coloring Pixels story. Originally developed for PC gaming, and then mobile - we have now brought your favourite Coloring game to the Nintendo Switch, allowing you to play much more comfortably from your living room, bedroom or anywhere you take your Switch with you!

Head over to the eShop now to purchase Collection 1 and begin Coloring those Pixels!

What's different between the Switch and PC versions?

When creating the Switch build of Coloring Pixels, we wanted the game to be as accessible as possible to new players.

We settled on making a collection of 8 of the favorite, diverse DLCs from the PC game. This way we don't overload the players with a long list of different books whilst also keeping the cost of the game down.

The 8 books available in Collection 1 are:

Isometric, Space, Patterns, Vistas, Flowers, Farm, Marine Life and Landmarks.

Another appeal for playing on Switch is the updated control system. For the first time ever we officially have a control scheme for a controller layout! This combined with the Nintendo Switches' built-in touchscreen allows you to play Coloring Pixels like never before!

The Future of Coloring Pixels on Switch

As of right now, there is no exact plan for what we are doing next, however, as you can probably tell from the name "Collection 1" - we are certainly looking at the idea of offering multiple collections, each with its own set of books.

So if you have any suggestions or feedback, we are open to hearing them - join in on our socials and Discord server to join the ongoing conversation of the Coloring Pixels story!

Coloring Pixels: Collection 1 is available now for £6.59/$7.95 or your regional equivalent.

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