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Coloring Pixels - Launch Success & V1.1 Hotfix


Coloring Pixels launched on Friday! We just wanted say a huge thank you for all of the positive comments and feedback we have received over the weekend. We have been overwhelmed by how you all have received it.

V1.1 Hotfix

Hot on the heels of Fridays launch is a hotfix to address a couple of bugs that have been discovered.

  • Firstly, we have addressed a performance issue that occurred when loading audio assets from disk. Most users were noticing lag spikes in approximately ten minute intervals. This will now be resolved in most cases and drastically reduced in the rest.

  • Secondly, there was a issue with the large 600x600 level at the end of the second book. To rectify the issue, the page has been cropped to a 400x400 image. Unfortunately, because of this change all previous progress on this level will be lost. Apologies to anyone that has so far attempted/completed it.

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