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Coloring Pixels Patch Notes

New Free Bonus Book Image!

To Celebrate Coloring Pixels releasing on the Nintendo Switch tomorrow, we have added a new, free image to the Bonus Book for you to enjoy!

Coloring Pixels: Collection 1 is now on Nintendo Switch!

If you want to play Coloring Pixels on your own Nintendo Switch console, then make sure to head over to the eShop now to Pre-Order!

Coloring Pixels: Collection 1 releases tomorrow, 26th May 2022, and if you order now you can even download the game early, allowing you to play as soon as the game is live!

Patch Notes v1.17.15

New Features

  • Added a new Coloring Pixels on Switch-themed level (Now On Switch!) to the bonus book!

  • Added a "View" button that links to related material so that players can find out more information! It only appears when a level is completed on the following levels:

    • Bonus Book (ToastieLabs) - Link to the ToastieLabs page on Steam.

    • Bonus Book (Direct) - Link to Direct on Steam.

    • Bonus Book (Coloring Pixels) - Link to Coloring Pixels on Steam.

    • Bonus Book (hexceed) - Link to hexceed on Steam.

    • Bonus Book (Now On Switch!) - Link to Coloring Pixels on Switch.

    • r/Place Book (15) - Link to the ToastieLabs section on r/place.

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